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Does someone around you suffer from a chronic illness (high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, asthma, obesity, etc.) or does this concern you? And would you like to be well looked after?

In order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the care provided to patients with chronic illnesses, the VITALIAC clinic has set up a chronic illness monitoring service. Don't just come and see your doctor when you're faced with urgent situations linked to your illness (stroke, crisis, etc.), but benefit from therapeutic support in line with the recommendations linked to the management of your illness.

During this support, we :

  • We help you to understand the mechanisms of your disease, the role of your treatments and the medical biology tests needed to monitor them,
  • We inform and educate you about the correct use of your medicines (how to take them, what to do if you forget, personalised dosing plan, etc.).
  • We provide you with appropriate preventive advice (dietary and health measures, etc.),
  • Help you to learn how to self-monitor your illnesses.