Have your own doctor now

    It's Possible and FREE with us!!! 

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    If you are in Douala or outside Cameroon and you want to see your health and/or that of your family better managed, then this service is yours !!!!

    Since 2021, more than 300 people (inside and outside the country) have already put their trust in us and seen their families taken care of by our services.

    Join us, it's FREE, and have a personal doctor for you and/or your family in our network for the promotional, preventive and curative management of your health.


    What do I win?

    • Easy access to your doctor for your concerns combined with a warm welcome
    • Managing your family's health in the event of your absence (for a trip, for example) while maintaining communication with you
    • Your family doctor knows you better, which reduces the risk of death from medical errors (glucose ...).
    • Better storage of your medical data through a computerized medical file


    Nothing at all!!

    • Acquiring a family doctor from our clinic is free of charge.
    • As when you go to any private or public healthcare facility, you only pay when you use our services (consultations, hospitalizations, tests, medication, etc.).
    • You can pay directly to us, WITHOUT INTERMEDIARY, by using our merchant codes ORANGE money or MTN mobil money.
    • Your payments will be preceded by invoices detailing our services.



    • I contact the clinic's reception by whatsApp at + 237 653828347 to request a request form from the family medicine department.
    • I fill in the form and send it by WhatsApp or e-mail to
    • The people on the list of people to be covered by the personal physician will be contacted for a possible free contact appointment.
    • During this contact, prescriptions or examinations may be requested. In this case, an invoice will be sent to you, and upon payment, the requested service will be rendered.

    They testify

    Tagne Kondom - Artist

    With VITALIAC, I'm finally convinced that it's possible to have a family doctor in Cameroon. My experience with VITALIAC has made me realize that it is possible to have doctors available who can speed up follow-up. The welcoming style that VITALIAC puts at the service of patients brings them 10% of healing. I bear this testimony from the bottom of my heart, because I have experienced it and continue to do so. A family doctor is very important. VITALIAC has proven this to me. Thank you Dr DJEUMO.

    Siemani Leaticia - Accountant

    I was impressed by the professionalism of the service and, above all, the welcome offered by the VITALIAC SANTÉ medical team. You feel like you're being cured before you take any medication, and above all, that someone is listening to you.

    Nkamdep Loveline - Housewife

    As a mother of several children, I find VITALIAC a welcome relief, because whenever I am faced with a health problem affecting my children, I know that I can quickly be consulted by telephone or in person and receive a prescription.

    Bassahak Jean Marc - Web designer

    My experience with VITALIAC SANTÉ has completely changed my conception of medicine. The health policy focused on prevention allows me to experience better health and better care. Thank you VITALIAC

    DAHYO Armel - Qualitician

    I have entrusted my family to VITALIAC without hesitation, as I'm very busy and don't often have the time to be present. So when my family is ill, I know that I can have access to VITALIAC's doctors and be informed of the state of my family's health, even when I'm out of town.

    Tchinda Everest - Student

    As a student in the technical sector, I have found VITALIAC to be a very welcoming service that also takes into account the financial resources of its patients in order to provide them with optimal service.

    Jouonang Merimé - Chief Financial Officer

    Having experienced the VITALIAC SANTÉ service during a trying illness, I can assure you today that it is important to have a family doctor in general and VITALIAC in particular.

    Jean Jules Lemb Nack - Communicator

    Au premier contact avec VITALIAC, mon regard sur les professionnels de la santé a changé. Jamais auparavant je n'ai été traité avec autant de délicatesse par un médecin.