Our supplier charter

Be an approved supplier

For a harmonious relationship between supplier and us

Sharing best practices

To deliver quality invoices

Invoice payment method

To avoid late payment of your invoices.

Be an approved supplier

In order to formalize the supplier - Vitaliac relationship, you must be approved by our clinic. For this purpose, we define a supplier as any individual or legal entity that provides a service or product to VITALIAC.

In order to be approved by the clinic, you must provide us some informations on the information form at the start of our relationship. You can fill it in by clicking on the following link: "supplier information sheet"

NB : If you are in Cameroon and do not yet have a unique identification number (UIN), we advise you to create one by clicking on the following link   Here        

Sharing best practices

Following an expression of need for service or product by the clinic VITALIAC SANTE Sarl, so that your invoices do not suffer from any delay of payment, you will be called to ensure to :

Provide us with a proforma invoice or quotation :  This always follows the clinic's request for a service or product.

We ask for a formal commitment of the expense : Once the proforma invoice has been validated by the clinic, a purchase order containing a number will be sent to you. As a reminder, this number must appear on your final invoice.

Fill in your final invoices correctly : Which must contain the following information :
- Letterhead with company logo or supplier's name if individual ;
- Your unique identification number  (see link above, if you wish to create one) ;
- Your credit mobilier trade register  if you are a company ;
- The "doit" with the clinic information :
      * Clinic name : VITALIAC SANTE Sarl
      * NIU :  M022014407359S 
      * RCC : RC/DLA/2020/B/711
      * Address : Boulevard de la réunification, Douala - Cameroon ;
- Issue date, payment deadline and invoice number (Example: Invoice N° 01/2023) ;
- Purchase order number ;
- Description of items or services sold (with quantity, unit price, taxes, total price);
- Total amount (in figures and in words) ; 
- Signature and stamp (stamp required if company).

Send us your final invoices : You may do so either in person at the clinic, subject to a release form, or by e-mail to : facturation@vitaliac.org .

NB : If you are a company, you must stamp your invoices.

Invoice payment method

  • Invoices sent to VITALIAC SANTE Sarl may be paid by bank transfer, mobile money or cash.

  • We pay within one (01) month, unless otherwise agreed, after submission of a valid invoice together with a delivery note or service report (maintenance, etc.).

  • Please note that a 5.5% withholding tax may be deducted from your payment, upon presentation of a withholding tax document if needed. 

  • As a responsible company, we wish to fulfill our financial commitments with our suppliers, and considering that situations beyond our control may arise that prevent us from fulfilling our commitments on time, we kindly ask you to send us a reminder by e-mail to the following address facturation@vitaliac.org,with a copy to management at the following address : direction@vitaliac.org