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Medecine familiale VITALIAC

Have your own doctor

The cornerstone of VITALIAC SANTE's family medicine unit is based on the care of the patient and/or his family by our medical team and on facilitating access to care [...]

Consultation without waiting

VITALIAC SANTE innovates by allowing you to no longer have to wait unnecessarily for a consultation at our medical office. Your time is precious and we understand it! [...]

Medecine à domicile VITALIAC

Home consultation

Medical consultations at home are provided by our teams of doctors for all persons who can not move to a hospital, because of their state of health or the unavailability of means of transport.[...]


Most people are burdened with daily responsibilities and stress related to work, children, family, finances ... Few take the time to look after themselves and their own health. [...]

Medecine spécialiséeVITALIAC

See an specialist easily

Medicine has benefited greatly from the technological development that has led more and more doctors to specialize. The needs of patients and the diversity of cases [...]

medical follow up

VITALIAC SANTE putting a particular emphasis on the prevention of the health problems of its members, puts through its partners, a service called medical follow-up [...]

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My experience with VITALIAC SANTE has completely changed my conception of medicine. The prevention-oriented health policy makes it possible to experience better health and better care. Thank you VITALIAC.
Jean-Marc Bassahak
Graphic Designer
At first contact with VITALIAC, my view of health professionals has changed. Never before have I been treated so delicately by a doctor.
Jean Jules Lemb Nack
Communication Expert
I was impressed by the professionalism of the service and especially the welcome offered by the VITALIAC SANTÉ medical team. You have the impression to heal before taking medication and especially to have an ear that listens to you.
Siemani Leaticia
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